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Shopping list for a new carpc

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  • Shopping list for a new carpc

    hi folks,

    1st of all thanks to the folks who put up this website and all the helpful contributors. this is a godsend !

    i would really appreciated some help on what to buy based on the general specs below and your experiences.

    The car:

    Volvo XC90 T6

    The computer (ideally...)

    Need to run windows media center edition 2005
    2Ghz cpu
    1G ram
    TV/FM tuner card
    Blue tooth
    DVD rom, CDR
    Wireless G
    200G disk
    Wireless mouse/remote
    Support for auto startup/autoshutdown
    Support for system staying up for 10 mins after i pull into the garage (so the wireless sync files with the house server)


    Is the above config reasonable / ridiculous?

    What are the options for keeping as much as possible inside the box?

    If everything stays inside the box, will the box be as big as a desktop PC, or are the mini PCs that accomodate all of the above and still have a small size?

    Is there a manufacturer that has most of the stuff listed above already put togeher and *tested* together with a reasonable waranty that i can buy?

    If not, has anyone done something like the above that can share their shopping list?

    Thanks very much for your replies. Apologies for newbie mistakes...


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    Ahhh... already forgot...

    I need a decent sound card as well + LCD (liliput 7" ?)

    thanks again.


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      Originally posted by smortaz
      Ahhh... already forgot...

      I need a decent sound card as well + LCD (liliput 7" ?)

      thanks again.

      Also, I have a Lilliput touchscreen VGA LCD available without the front part of the casing (project casing available from for $15 shipped). Finally, I also have a Creative Soundblaster USB soundcard which has RCA output (perfect for running to the amps)....


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        This site is a godsend, but at the same time, its not here to make all your decisions for you.
        1st, do lots of searching... need help choosing a motherboard - search "choosing a motherboard", etc...
        Once you have a general idea, go to and do some browsing. When you find components that fit the specs you need, do a search on the model number (not neweggs number, but the actual manufacturer's product number) and you will find other users using the same parts. You can learn about them this way, and problems people have run into and how they overcame them.
        Once you have refined your list this way, you can post a thread with the components you have chosen (refer to the many "How's this setup?" type threads) and get opinions from the pros this way.
        You are much more likely to get the help you need this way then by asking for people to design a system for you based on how you want it to perform.
        Just my 2 cents...
        ps: Get a Xenarc...
        Spent so far: $1,755
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          everything looks to be fine, the 200gig seems a bit excesive, but thats me. if you use USB most of that stuff will be extenal to the Box so it can be rather small.

          the card I am using has 1 pci slot - TV/radio would fit. everything else is available in USB

          as for the system sync. I am working an having mine sync at 3 in the morning, once a day.

          the way you want to set it up, the car would either have to be able to tell the difference between home and the store, or would stay on for ten minutes everytime you stop. that might bring unwanted attention when you are not around
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            Thanks guys for the great advice. much appreciated.

            I will go and do some digging to see which parts make more sense.

            One question which will probably affect my component search - which is prefered generally - having most things in one somewhat larger box, or having a tiny box and having the sound box, wifi, tuner, wireless, etc all be external to the box.

            The car is a volvo suv, so i have a fair amount of space in the back. Personally (tho im a newbie) it seems like having most things in the box (assuming no major space limitations) is more tidy, no? opinions solicited...

            Is anyone on this forum running windows MCE by any chance? what are your thots on that vs having a car specific front-end to the system?