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Sony Vaio U-series (U71/ U50)

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  • Sony Vaio U-series (U71/ U50)
    might be fun to play around with depending on the pricetag

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    Basic specs for Sony VAIO VGN-U50

    Processor manufacturer - Processor type - Clock speed-- Intel Celeron M (900 MHz)
    RAM installed-- 256 MB DDR SDRAM
    Hard drive size - controller type - hard drive type-- 20 GB IDE
    CD / DVD type-- None
    Removable storage type-- None
    Input device type - form factor-- Stylus, Keyboard, Touch-screen, Scroll button, Pointing stick
    Weight-- 1.3 lbs
    Dimensions (W x D x H)-- 6.6 in x 4.3 in x 1 in
    Display size - technology - form factor-- 5 in TFT active matrix
    Max resolution-- 800 x 600
    Audio output-- Sound card
    Type-- Network adapter
    Modem-- None
    Battery installed-- 1 Lithium ion
    Mfr estimated battery life-- 2.5 hour(s)
    OS provided-- Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

    might wanna try to find out where to get the foldable keyboard from
    **** nevermind the only place showing it for sale has the keyboard at 199$


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      Sorry dug this up... Just wondering if this will run things like centrafuse decently.

      I found this

      Just wondering if anyone has one of these UMPC's.


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        For more functionality at roughly the same price, you can get a tablet PC like I have. Sure the UMPC is compact but it leaves a lot to be desired... A tablet is larger but is capable of much more... Click on the link in my sig to see my tablet setup in my scion xb...
        - sh00k
        Duct tape and a Bandana for the win, b!shes!!!

        My Setup:

        Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

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          Buy mine. I need money for college


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            Nice features. Another collection for gadget lovers would be great to have that has been release this 2012. Aside from that interesting features, VAIO UX ran on Windows XP, which means that there it is a distinct possibility that the VAIO U, provided it doesnít get canceled, is going to run on Windows 8. It has a front-facing camera, a detachable stylus on the bottom edge of the keyboard and a side USB port. The concept model also, had an 11-inch screen, which makes it larger than many other tablets, including the iPad. Of course, the hitch is going to be whether or not itís priced to compete with other tablets or whether the keyboard will give it the advantage. The device was a bit expensive, at $1,800 for North America, but it did just about everything the modern tablet does, isn't just right? I just read it here: Sony may be releasing VAIO hybrid tablet.