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Xenarc Installed but flickering

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  • Xenarc Installed but flickering


    Got my xenarc installed into my dash, works really well and really happy with it.
    However, i get a flickering on the screen. Mostly when the pc is doing something, so it could be harddrive interference or something?!?

    I have used the 5m xenarc 700tsv extension cable to get it from boot of car to front dash, have only run it with pc cables (and obviously a high-level speaker cable or 2 cos they are on that side of the car) like usb, aerial, etc. All the power cables run down the other side of the car.

    Any ideas? I have repositioned the cable once or twice, seemed to sort the problem, but then it comes back a jorney later? The cables dont move much as are firmly in place.

    Anyone with ideas please let me know! ta all

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    How are you powering the screen?

    Direct from the car, or regulated from the Carnetix? If it's direct from the car, power it by the Carnetix!

    Also, it might be worth wrapping the VGA cable in some tinfoil, i've done it to mine, it probably made no difference but it was worth a try!

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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      Its powered from the car, as the carnetix is far too far away from it to make it worthwhile.
      Anyway, it doesnt flicker all the time, only really when the computer is doing something, like harddrive etc. When sitting in windows there is no flicker really.
      its intermittent, which is why i am confused (no pun intended confused!)