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why is my backup camera not working with my capture card?

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  • why is my backup camera not working with my capture card?

    I got this camera

    and this capture card

    When I click to show me the composite input, the screen is like flashing green. I can kinda see the image my camera is displaying, buts its like behind the green screen that keeps flashing.

    I tried hooking the camera up directly too my xenarc and it worked, so the camera is fine. Now im in my house on my dekstop and i just recieved the capture card so i installed it on the desktop first. Hooked up the camera up to the card and im getting the screen i described above. Anyone know what my probem is?

    On the website for the camera, it said something about making sure the monitor is 75ohms:

    "Answer: This little camera is color and there is nothing wrong with the product that you've received. the problem is that you are not hooking it up to the right source. it WILL NOT work on your tv nor any other cameras of this small and compact design.

    It's recommended to use camera with the monitor which has the standard video input impedance level of 75 Ohms. If in any case your monitor is not set to high impedance mode, please switch the monitor standard impedance position. If the monitor has not the impedance adjust switch, please ask technician or installer for a camera suitable for your monitor.

    The level of impedance should be noted in the user manual. The monitor that camera was tested was the one we sell: NEW 7" TFT LCD FLIP DOWN MONITOR+WIRELESS HEADPHONES+AC. Manual for the monitor read:


    If this level is not met you will get rolling picture (like if you hook up to your TV) or black and white picture but as I mentioned there should be switch on the source how to change the level. "

    Anyone know how Im able to check that, I got a dell monitor.
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