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You ever feel like: when you take 1 step forward, you take 5 steps back??

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  • You ever feel like: when you take 1 step forward, you take 5 steps back??

    I'm in the middle of trying to get all the hardware for my carputer. I haven't even gotten to the software stage yet because I'm still trying to find a way to cool my CPU on this prototype laptop board..

    It seems like for every 1 thing that happens good ... something else happens to ruin everything LOL.

    for example. I have a slim slot loader DVD drive. I want to make a custom bezel for my 5" LCD and the slot loader, and want to make everything look stock.

    I got an adapter to take the slim slot loader to USB. Unfortunatly, it doesn't draw enough power off the USB port, and it has to have a ps2 adapter to draw more power.

    Someone mentioned to me about a three-headed USB cable. it plugs into 2 usb ports (drawing double the power I guess), and one end goes into whatever.

    I got one of those, and it has the wrong connector on one end. I searched and searched all day and couldn't find an adapter to take a mini-B 5pin USB to a regular A type end. So I cut it off, soldered the correct one on, and went to hook it up.

    Somehow one of the wires on the adapter itself came apart. then they all came apart. I tried soldering them back on, but I guess they are shorting out since they are so close and my soldering iron is like a tree trunk lol..

    so now I have to get another slim slot loader enclosure .... maybe I'll be able to RMA this one or something who knows.

    Share your horror stories

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    That's nothin'! You haven't lived until you've had a static shock from walking across the carpet ruin your VGA screen.

    Press on! Good luck.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      Mattress, what are you working on (developing)? Or is this in the wrong section?
      My Install Thread

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      How do I get sound to my car?


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        meh .. wrong section ... delete if necessary


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          Originally posted by Bugbyte
          That's nothin'! You haven't lived until you've had a static shock from walking across the carpet ruin your VGA screen.

          Press on! Good luck.
          Or fried a Radeon XT800....
          Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p


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            how about deciding to paint the car, after all, your an electronics engineer, cant be that hard.............

            Anyone now how to get a decent finish on a rough sandblasted runny dull paint job?

            Yup I can rebuild engines, fix ecu's, drop a gearbox out and change a clutch at the roadside BUT I WILL NEVER PAINT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
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              Originally posted by DeltaFX
              Or fried a Radeon XT800....


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                Don't get another USB enclosure. Just get a Slim CD to IDE adapter and an IDE to USB cable and run a 5V feed from your PSU.

                No power issues then.

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                  I've been on this board a year. That's a year of planning, researching, buying, and I still don't have a computer in my car. I first put a monitor in my car, had to send it back because I thought it was broken (me+vague instructions=monitor no worky). Turns out it was fine, I just didn't wire it in right. After that, I picked up a FIC Cube mini-computer which I thought had everything I needed. Well, first thing I overlooked, no video out to my composite only monitor. So I had to buy a video card with video out. But the when I plugged it in, the TV-out display was in black and white. Next problem, my inverter wasn't powerful enough to handle the power requirements on the computer (it was wired through cigarette adapter). So that means I need more power somehow. So that means I need to wire the inverter directly to the battery. Well, if I'm going to go through all the work of running a power cable, I may as well get an amplifier. If I get an amplifier, I may as well get a sub. This creates two new problems, as I have to mount my sub in my trunk without shaking (see other thread in car audio). Then I go, well, I have my entire car apart now, I may as well upgrade my speakers. Went ahead and upgraded my stock speakers, but one of them was DOA, so now I'm waiting for a return/warranty replacement. My new speakers have much better fidelity than my stock speakers, which made my factory-amplifier noise more apparent. Now I'm thinking I should rewire my speakers so that it bypasses my factory amplifier. Since my car's already apart, I may as well rewire my Sirius satellite tuner to reduce the the chance of a ground loop when I put everything back together. But my Satellite tuner requires a 12V power source, and everything back in my trunk is 4 gauge. This means distributor blocks and ground blocks, in addition to figuring out how to get smaller wires from all this (see thread in car audio). Then I go, well, I've got everything apart, I may as well get a video input switcher. so that when I put everything back together, I have the option of putting an xbox back there. This creates additional problems of where to mount the xbox. Now since I have all this crap here, a rear vew camera seems like a good idea, and maybe a GPS. Meanwhile, the only functional thing I have in my car is a mp3 head unit with 2 speakers. I'm really five steps back.

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                  Display in Black and White
                  Mounting Sub
                  One Speaker Short
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                    i got the motherload of them all...i finally had everything in! custom fabricated 8 inch touchscreen in dash..gps running and working..front ends working.. external hard drive working...dvd burner working! i take it out on the highway to test out my navigation...and a little light goes off in my guages...check guages! a my car was overheated to the max...pull over on the side of the i slow down the car shuts down...stuck on the highway...make a call and get some antifreeze from my cousin..still wont antifreeze in car???? wtf i didnt leak a drop? whered it all go????? IN THE FRICKING ENGINE!!!!!! engine burnt up cuz my header gasket im bending over so the mechanic can **** me in my A$$ and take all my money for a new god i hate this ****.....finally get the money together to pay the man...he calls me today and says i need a new intake manifold and distributor...another 750 cant get any worse! LOL i might start accepting donations! or someone buy my car pc to help me fund for new engine! haha ...cant be too still alive and healthy..thank god for that!
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