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Infiniti QX4 Aux Input??

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  • Infiniti QX4 Aux Input??

    I don't know where else to turn with this, and I'm hoping some of you DIY pros maybe know of the solution I am looking for...

    I drive a 2003 Infiniti QX4. It has the factory Bose sound system with built in dash mounted 6 cd changer, tape player & radio. It does not have the sat radio button as later models do (which apparently allow for an input to be hooked up through that port).
    While I would like to, at some point in the future, put an in dash DVD player, etc, all Iím going for at the moment is to get a aux audio line so I can mount the mp3 player dock Iím making, and hard line it to my sound system, rather than go with a FM transmitter.
    The shops such as tweeter & Car Toys say my only option is an FM Modulator. My online research has only confirmed that up to this point. However, I refuse to so easily accept the notion that there is no way to split the CD changer wires, or any other for that matter, add a flipper switch, and allow for the addition of an aux input without having to sacrifice quality and go to a modulator.
    Seems like it's roughly what I'm talking about, but the cut off for my QX4 is year 2002 models. I am completely at a loss and am in search of any answers or direction I can get. I know there has to be a way, without an immediate replacement of my receiver.

    Any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Does your radio look like this?

    I have the 2003 Pathfinder, and I installed the PAC AAI-NIS. Google for it, but I think you know what it is.

    Ok, QX4 is like a pathfinder. Look at my radio. No SAT button, I use the RADIO button. Here's a picture.

    Also, here's the back of my radio. It's been a while since I did this, but I think I'm holding the AAI-NIS plug, and I think it went in one of the black slots. The harness hanging down is the steering wheel controls.

    So my advice is check the front and back of your radio, compare it with the pictures I posted. If you think they are the same, get the AAI_NIS. It works great. If it doesn't work, ebay it.



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      Awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to post those photographs. I'll be checking ASAP after work. Question: How do you switch to the input? Does it fall in line like this: FM1/FM2/AM/(Input) ? Also, what do the Steering wheel buttons control while using the Input. Just volume or can you jump tracks?
      My radio is almost an exact copy of that except that my button doesnt say "Radio", it says "FM/AM" I believe. I'll look into it though, you've restored my hope.



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        It goes like this, I think:


        Where SR1 and SR2 are the two inputs from the AAI-NIS. The "mode" button on the steering wheel can cycle the inputs, or you can use the "radio" button, they both do the same thing. The steering wheel volume control works, of course, but the track up and down do nothing for these extra inputs.



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          When using the steering wheel to cycle through modes, does it still use SR1 and SR2 even if nothing is hooked into those spots for you? AS in, before you had your aux input there, did you see those options as you cycled? Because I only see FM1/FM2/AM/CD


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            No, they weren't there before the install.


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              I have a 2001 qx4, same deal, I also have the FM/AM button not the radio one. I just bought the AIX-NISS and installed it.. doens't seem to work, it won't cycle to the inputs, just am/fm1/fm2... pretty sure it is installed right.


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                i also have a 2001 qx4.

                The difference is that i want to replace the factory HU with my LCD and Carputer. will the above link let me do that, or is there some other way?


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         mght work. I know it has been used on a 2003 g35 sedan that had no SAT button and it worked.


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                    Hey guys, I know this is an old thread, but can any of you confirm if one of the aforementioned devices work with 2003 QX4 or what other options I have keeping the factory unit.

                    thanks for your help


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                      FYI, 2003 Factory CD Changer does not work with Soundgate ALNS1v2. However I have purchased a single DIN factory stereo out of a 2001 Pathfinder and that work with Soundgate ALNS1v2 and 2003 QX4 just fine.

                      The only thing that does not seem to work are the steering wheel controls.