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Charging ipod with Carputer

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  • Charging ipod with Carputer

    I have a ipod and planning to use the SendStation PocketDock to connect it to my car. The PocketDock has a 3.5mm lineout and firewire port. I figure I could use the lineout to connect to the sound system while charging the ipod through the firewire port.

    Here is the questions, will the firewire port continues to charge my ipod after I turned off my car and the computer shutted down? I do not want to drain my battery.
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    depends if the firewire stays powered - obviously. If you leave the PSU running in standby then possibly but the only way to know is to check your setup. Most people rig their PSU to be fully isolated when the Pc shuts down to stop killing their battery.


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      1. Plug your firewire into the iPod.
      2. Turn off you computer.
      3. Look at the iPod screen to see if it says "Charging..."
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        iPODs will automatically stop charging when they are full. An iPOD will not drain your battery. The BMW iPOD adapter continuously charges the iPOD.