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Which HDD MP3 players are assigned a drive letter?

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  • Which HDD MP3 players are assigned a drive letter?

    Does anyone know which portable music players are assigned a drive letter so that they can be plugged in via USB and used with Frodoplayer?

    I've discovered that my Dell DJ20 will NOT work since windows will not assign it a drive letter...I don't think Ipods are assigned a drive letter either?


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    ipods are assigned a drive letter. im pretty sure dell dj20 also may. Have you tried going to device manager and modify its settings?


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      I am considering a Mega View 566. It is a 20Gb that can easily be moved from computer to computer as a portable hard drive, it plays most of the common audio formats and it also plays video including divx.
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        Yeah I've searched on getting the Dell DJ a drive letter and it sounds like it is a no go. Dell needs to release firmware for this to happen and it doesn't sound like they will! Too bad...

        So Ipods *are* assigned a drive letter eh?

        Next question: Will any MP3 players allow you to organise your music into folders? So that BBAA will work in Frodoplayer?


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          from memory the ipods do assign a drive letter, but the music dosent show up in it
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            das bunk...

            Which MP3 player will let frodoplayer recognise it as a hard drive and play music from it?


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              To answer my own question (much later) for anyone wondering: Archos and iRiver both have players that:
              -do not require drivers
              -are assigned a drive letter
              -organise your music in a folder/file struture - this is important for front ends like frodoplayer that have the "Browse by Album Art" for those of us that like to listen to complete albums

              This is perfect to use as a media hard drive for your computer - esp. for a CF OS install

              I can take my HD with me when I leave the car (esp. in the winter, so it doesn't freeze) and listen to my music on the same HD/MP3 player while at school etc. When I get back in the car, I plug it in to the PC, and bam I have a media HD again

              I'm using an Archos Gmini xs200 - extremely small 20GB player!


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                Yeah, my old Archos Recorder (6Gb) assigns a drive letter. My Nomad3 does not..


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                  Originally posted by Jahntassa
                  Yeah, my old Archos Recorder (6Gb) assigns a drive letter. My Nomad3 does not..
                  All Archos products are setup to be recognized as just a drive.
                  I have a Gmni120 that is that way. It's a 20GB hard drive w/ a CF slot. It acts as transport for digital pics, client data and music in my truck (until the computer gets in there).
                  Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                  How about the Wiki?

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                    Im using am Archos Gmini400. MP3, DivX, and CF support. The new ones (Gmini 402? dont remember the number) can also act as a USB host, you can plug other devices such as flash drives and mp3 players into it and swap music without a computer.
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                      The iRiver HP-100 series is assigned a drive letter and works just like an external HDD.
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                        my iriver h340 also detects as a drive with the drive letter and also works like a regular hard drive.
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