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  • Shutdown Problems


    I have been running my car pc with opus for a few months now with minimal problems.

    However, the last few days it has refused to shut down when the ignition is turned off, it used to work fine!

    Road Runner closes as normal but windows doesnt shutdown.. just sits at the desktop.

    Hitting Start > Shutdown works fine..

    Any ideas what it could be or how I can troubleshoot this? Is there an error log anywhere that will tell me what it is that is causing the problem?



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    Did you change/configure anything lately?
    Take another look in the power option especially where it said When I press the power button pick the option from the dropdown (Shutdown, hibernate, sleep, standby, do nothing.)
    Another way of testing is while the PC running with the key still in the ignition and ON at either ACC or IGN, press the PC's power button (if you still have it) to see if it do what it is suppose to do.
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      The only thing I have done lately is update Road Runner.

      Have checked in the power management and everything seems to be in order.

      Thanks for the suggestions


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        Have you updated any of your drivers lately? I've has issues before when upgrading to the lastest drivers cause shutdown problems and then had to rollback the drivers to ther previous version to fix it.
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          you didnt happen to start using minlogon lately ? did you.. cos its a known issue...
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