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High output LEDs?

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  • High output LEDs?

    Where online can I buy some high light output LED's.

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    I recommend LSDiodes ( Very reasonable prices. And last I checked, you get a free "Robots will kill you" sticker .


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      Nice site.

      What type of LEDs should I go for?

      I'm trying to replace my interior halogen bulbs (vanity, reading, floorwell lights) with some white LEDs.

      Either sflux or 5mm? What do you think?


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        What colour(s) are you looking for? (certain packages are better for different colours).

        edit, sorry, just read - white!

        In that case I would go for 5mm. unless you want really bright, then consider the Luxeon Star range.
        Project F.T.P.C.


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          Also, what mcd rating should I go for, for these interior lights?

          They shoulnd't be obnoxiously bright.


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            To be comparable with a standard interior lighting bulb, you will need approximately 20-30 candelas of light output (20000 to 30000 mcd).

            L/R Vanity mirror bulbs about 6000mcd each

            Floorwell is dependent on your personal preference I guess, but I would say around 15000.
            Project F.T.P.C.


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              Would a triangle cluster of 3, or a square cluster of 4 10k mcd 5mms look cool?

              Should they be tightly packed together or spread out? Currently, there's a translucent plastic cover over the halogen bulbs that diffuses the light slightly.

              What are sflux LEDs used for?


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                Would a larger patch of lower mcd LEDs look nicer than a smaller patch of high mcd LEDs?


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                  Originally posted by phita23
                  Would a larger patch of lower mcd LEDs look nicer than a smaller patch of high mcd LEDs?
                  It really depends where they are going to be used. A couple of photos of your car lighting would be very useful.

                  Sflux is an abbrevitaion of Superflux which is the name given by Lumileds to their 4 pin square LED package.

                  they are most commonly used in high intensity car brake lights, but are electrically the same as white LEDs though are able to handle slightly more power.

                  A tight cluster of white LEDs would be fine, and you really want the widest viewing angle you can for your requirements.
                  Project F.T.P.C.


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                    Ok Let me go take some pictures now. be right back


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                      This is the center console above the rear view mirror. There are 3 bulbs, one in each of the black areas, and one in the middle. It measures about 20mm across.

                      This is one of the floor well lights, it measures 8mm across

                      This is one of the rear passenger reading lights, it has two lights, it measures about 5mm tall.


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                        A note about cd: candellas are a unit of intensity, and not light output. So a 10cd LED with a 30 degree viewing angle would output the same amount of light (lumens) as a 5cd one with a 42 degree viewing angle (I think I got the math right).

                        Now, which should be of greater concern is up to you; I would think that a targeted light such as a reading light you're concerned about the candellas (as long as the angle is sufficient), while a flood light like the floorwell you'd be more concerned about lumens (and may what to use a diffuser to spread out the light)

                        edit: ah, pictures! Looks like you already have a diffuser on the floor lights.


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                          The LEDs on ebay all have viewing angles of <10 deg.
                 has 5mm ones with 20deg.

                          If I cut the domed part off, wll the viewing angle increase significantly?


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                            I'm not sure how much the domed enclosure is involved in focusing the light. But the reason the ebay LEDs have so little viewing angle is that they are cheap - or rather, narrowing the beam is a cheap way of pumping up the mcd rating, which is the only thing alot of people seem to pay attention to.

                            edit: come to think of it, I don't think the dome focuses the light at all. Lightly sanding it is a common method of diffusing the light though.


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                              So which LEDs do you recommend that I get? and how many for each of the three pictures I posted? Thanks.