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Couple minor upgrades

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  • Couple minor upgrades

    I bought a powercolor 9600xt 128 meg card with an arctic cooler 3 on it for 130 canadian. Plus I picked up a set of 512 ram (256x2) of mushkin(sp) memory. I will more than likely be buying another 200gig for the car aswell, ive got 200 now, and I dont even have all my music on it yet. Plus I plan on running doom3/hl2 in there. Cmon 7channel digital audiophile quality sound in doom cranked? Cant go wrong.

    512 ram should be sufficient, its not the best, but its sufficient. I have 256 of pc2700 in there, the mushkin stuff is pc3200 and slightly tigher timings. Not sure if I will be ocing the system.

    I also picked up a thermalright SI-97 for the socket A, dropped temps 20C in some parts, some others was only 11, but still, thats a huge improvement, plus the bling factor. The video card looks cool with the cooler, I will buy ramsinks for the ram (I know they do ****, just for the bling factor) and some more mods coming later, right now the car is being serviced so I dont have access to put the stuff in (dont have the memory yet, should be here mon/tues)

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    Ugggg, What is the point of your post... except to tell us how cool you are
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords


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        Whats this guy doing??? Running with a mains cable attached to the car!!!


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          "800W Inverter"
          heavy weight championchip?
          when will we see the first british powerhouse owner on wheels
          "oh thats my mobile powerhouse by the way it plays mp3 and tells the trucks to find my way..."
          am not native spoken eng. so hope everybody is amused ...
          everything is possible
          home is where your heart is


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            lol? Am I missing something or was I being insulted?