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  • Can i do thiss??

    Ok when you get some you come greedy. I want to change my carPC from laptop to standard pc. What kind of inverter i need to run this (350W inverter to 300w power), is there somekind of things that i need to know? Will normal 3,5" hd work in temperature range -30 +40? do i need to isolate hd with something? laptop hd has been working very well.
    Via Epia 800MHz\389MB\200GB\ 10,4" LCD
    Wlan And Gps via USB (broken)

    Hergules game thether 7.1, SinusLive 3505 amp OEM speakers+15"Sub

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    Go with an OPUS. Use the
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      Ekip, sorry dude, but I don't completely understand your questions - especially about the power.

      A normal hard drive will work in severe temperatures as well as a laptop hard drive. However, if you can, get a hard drive that does NOT have a fluid dynamic bearing. The fluid dynamic bearing models do not perform well at very low temperatures. So booting your carPC after it sits all night in a -20 snow storm would be bad with a fluid dynamic bearing hard drive. Unfortunately, most new hard drives come with the fluid bearings. I had to shop around and check model numbers against manufacturer's web pages to make sure I got what I wanted.

      You also do not need to isolate your hard drive to protect it against vibration and shock (like potholes). Some people are using very elaborate dampening systems and their hard drives still crash. Some people are using nothing, and never have a problem. One thing that is pretty universally agreed upon is that mounting the hard drive sideways will help. That means mount the drive so that the platters inside the drive spin in the same orientation as the wheels on the car. That way when you hit a bump, the read/write heads inside the drive don't bounce off the platters.
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        Finland, eh?
        How cold does it get there in winter (on average)? I have a FDB hdd which has worked fine in MN (-15f for 5 days in a row). However, I store the car in a heated garage at night. (in the cold for 8 hrs at work doesn't affect it, though)

        Mount drive vertically - should work fine. Always keep backups. It's also good to be in good standing with your local computer shop in case you need to pick up an old 12GB drive to replace one if you kill it. I will say, however, that I have never killed a HDD by it being in a car (6+ yrs of carputer experience)

        New drives seem to come with FDB. If you don't have a large collection of music/video - pick up an older drive.

        To your question is about power - we need to know how much power your computer consumes. What is it? CPU, components, display, etc...
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