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Motherboard question??????

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  • Motherboard question??????

    I have a question about motherboards and processing...I just starting building my carputer a few months ago and i got the via 600 mhz (fanless) processor but it doesnt run efficently...When I run roadrunner and navivoice together it start freezing up but the music continues to play fine...Im running 512mb of ram...Should i scrap it and just run a P4 and will my 90W power supply handle such a power hungry motherboard...I would appreciate any advice!!!!!
    97 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
    P4 2.4
    Freetech MoBo
    DSATX 220W
    512 MB ram
    200 GB Maxtor harddrive
    Road Runner
    Iguidance 2.1
    EZSync 1.94

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    90W will most likely not be enough for a P4 board. Upgrade your Epia to an M10000 or MII12000 instead.

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