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    I am trying to mount my old T3 Palm on the Dash to use as a GPS unit. I would like to use an adhesive that is removable in case I sell the car and that is a bit temperature tolerant. I have used hot glue in the past but in Atlanta around July it can get 100+ degrees in the car. Hot glue sometimes will cause the affixed object to slime down the dash I did a search on adhesives but did not find anything to this regard.


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    Good double sided tape would be your best bet. Or velcro. Possibly the stuff used to stick rear view mirrors to windscreens - but same with any adhesive - test is somewhere 1st.


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      Take Command

      Thx for the suggestions. I have used velcro. It works pretty well but the built in adhesive will tend to slime the dash by the end of the summer and requires reapplication. I think I may try that 3m command adhesive. I have seen it sold attached to velcro like stuff.


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        Good 2 105

        Well, I picked up a pack of command adhesive from HD. Package states "may soften at temperatures above 105 F" Hmmm.. gonna be close. I swear, I could fry an egg on my dash sometime in the middle of the summer.