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lengthening fm transmittor antenna wire

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  • lengthening fm transmittor antenna wire


    I bought a cheap fm transmittor just to see how it sounds, i'm pretty broke so i don't really have any other options. anyway, it sounds pretty terrible. I was thinking about finding the antenna wire inside it, lengthening it, and running through my door or something and wrapping it around my antenna. This, it would seem, would get the antenna as close to the transmittor as possible and maybe reduce the static that i'm getting.

    Do these things have an antenna wire? If so, which one is it? Is there a uniform wire color for it. The wire that hooks up to the headphone jack on my laptop has 4 wires in it, blue black red and white. Any way of deducing which one, if any, is the antenna wire? Will this work?


    edit: I stripped a standard 1.5 mm (i think that's the size of them) headphone wire and it has 2 wires in it, red and white. Are the other 2 wires in this transmittor cord the antenna wire (one color goes to the end of the cord, the other come back?)?

    thanks for the help again.

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    what kind of transmitter is it and what are you using it for?
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      Originally posted by csnowman00
      what kind of transmitter is it and what are you using it for?
      In my transmitter, it's the white wire.Pull apart the transmitter, and look to see if there are marking by each of the wire inputer. Also, if you extend that antenna at all, youre going to cause interference. Antennas are at a tuned length. If you do this, you'll need to install the RF transmitter at the base of your antenna, with an audio jack going al lthe way out to it. I'm not sure how much gain/loss you will receive with the wirewrap antenna, but I can't see it hurt. Keep us in touch.