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  • New platform from VIA

    VIA today launched their "Luke" Corefusion Processing Platform at the Embedded Systems Conference 2005 in San Francisco, California.

    Luke combines both an EdenT-N CPU and CN400 Northbridge into one convenient aluminium package, reducing board real estate beyond Nano-ITX dimensions.

    Luke has all the video playback and acceleration features of the CN400 and supports LVDS, DVI, TV and VGA output, and is being targetted at customers with flat panel system designs such as Car Entertainment systems, Notebooks and Intelligent Displays. The CPU can be clocked up to 1GHz, and the platform supports both DDR 333 and 400 memory. Integrated S3 UnichromeT Pro IGP graphics provide MPEG-2 decoding and MPEG-4 acceleration, and the whole platform can be coupled a VT8235M, VT8237R or the upcoming VT8251 South Bridge to provide external connectivity such as 6 channel audio, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express and USB 2.0 (depending on which South Bridge you choose)


    I want one of this board
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    wow... looks awesome...

    Hope its not more lagware.
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      Looks sweet. I could use half dozen of those for various projects if the price is right. Which it wont be. Ah well, here's to hopin'

      For the lazy: