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carputer problems - resets and opus wont turn off

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  • carputer problems - resets and opus wont turn off

    Hi, I have been following these forums for a long time and have been able to find everything by searching, but I cannot find a suitable answer for my problems. I have a 150w opus, v1000 mobo, and various usb devices (gps, wifi, touchscreen). When the computer boots it automatically reboots after the black/white windows 2000 loading page, it never makes it to the color one. I have gotten it to boot after I repaired win2000 with disc, but shortly after it started doing it again. I am going to try to get newer drivers on it, but I have a feeling it will not fix it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Also my opus will not shut down with the ACC line off. I have checked it all with a multimeter and have checked the polarity of the switch to the mobo, but it will not shut off regularly. Is it related to the computer not functioning correctly? And when I hook power to it for the first time it automatically turns on even with no power to the remote line, is this normal? I appreciate any help that you can give me.

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    try running your car pc indoors first, get that working. As for the automatically turn on, that might be a setting in your BIOS "resume after AC loss" or smilar option might be enabled.
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