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Imac slot load DVD adapter

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  • Imac slot load DVD adapter

    Are these things still avialble and if so from where....

    I have an old imac with a slot loading DVD drive that I want to use in my car PC but i can't find the adapter anymore....

    I did but no answers.

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    dont they use a laptop cdrom connector?
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      contact The adapter p/n you are looking for is a 820-1050-a (this is the apple part number) I think the allmac p/n is BRD-4525 or BRD-0071. Should be about $20 if they still have them. look at my site for more info. you have to do a little soldering for the power wires, but the pics on my site shows what it should look like. Let me know if you have any dramas.
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        You can use a standard laptop CDROM adapter (~$6) but since Apple has their connector upside down, it'll stick way out on the side.