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    I have a 1999 saab 9-5 Iam looking for info on where to fit my CarPuter. I read diffrent stuff onsaab and it just got me confused. Iwas tinking to fit it instead of the CD changer in teh trunk but I read that it would have to be rgistered with the ECU to work .

    Does anyone have some tips?

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    Saab's unique security feature is to register the headunit and CD changer with TWICE, the security module. This negates the need to enter codes when the car's battery is replaced. It also means that your headunit/CD changer will only work with your car - unless a thief takes your headunit, CD changer and TWICE module - but that isn't likely. The registration process is handled by a GM tool called a Tech 2, a rather expensive piece of equipment. All said, you're not going to register a CarPC with TWICE.

    If you want to connect it to your headunit instead of a CD changer, then you would need to fool the headunit into thinking a CD changer was connected, much like the VWCDPIC does for VW/Audi. Otherwise the audio lines coming from the CD changer cable aren't active and the headunit won't cycle to them when pressing the source button. Unfortunately, I've never seen something like that for Saabs but can't say for sure that it doesn't exist.

    You can use the physical location for the CD changer, lots of people across various cars do that. But if you want to use the Saab headunit, you're pretty limited.


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      What about replacing the Head unit itself with an LCD and (i'm a newbie still trying to figure out how to do this part) Running the speakers off the Carputer? trading FM/AM capability (Until i get the USB FM unit) for a hardwired connection to the computer?

      Running a 2000 9-5 Wagon w/o a changer.

      Sorry to steal your name, i promise i didnt know you existed until just now