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    Hey all.

    Nice forums, very helpful reading so far... but it seems my situation is different to what most of you are doing, so bare with me...

    I live in New Zealand, and run a car audio shop selling high end car audio. I'm about to put together a demo car to highlight 'whats possible' with the right gear. As such, i'll be putting about $20k worth of audio gear into it, as well as various other gizmos.

    Now, i'm wanting to put a CarPC into the car for a number of reasons, which are by and large completely different to the norm. These are :
    Running a TermLab SPL measurement system, which is a combination of a PCMCIA card with an external SPL sensor, and software.
    Running an audio Real Time Analyser via an RTA mic.
    And of course, the ubiquitous audio streaming.

    So far, i've settled on using an EPIA M10000 motherboard, and will be using two seperate 2GB cards via IDE adaptors as harddrives, 1 as the boot and apps disk and the other as a media disk. All work, formatting, and updating will be done remotely via my main PC, so the unit will not need a full normal hard drive, nor a CD writer, nor any peripherals bar the Termlab card and an M-Audio MobilePre preamp to run the RTA microphone.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the following :
    Best and most cost effective method to power all this? I've checked out the power supplies available and am completely confused.
    Are there any screens which are at least 800x600, but do NOT have casing built around them? I plan on modding the screen into the centre console of the Soarer so that it looks factory.
    Any other things i should be wary of or know about?

    Cheers for the help


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    Also, i've been thinking about how to operate all this from a technical viewpoint, and this bluetooth integrated keyboard and trackball seems the best bet, does anyone have any experience with them?


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      Nice car

      For power: The VIAs do not neer more than 150w, so a 150w Opus would be perfect for you. Opus is a DC-DC PSU with a build in startup/shutdown controller.

      As for the LCD: The only LCD that I know will look *crisp* is a Lilliput 8" (not the 7"). The bare LCD should fit with mm left to spare into the dash.
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        Yeah, opus... and consider ditching pc for the mac mini and integrate an ipod photo. it's got a lot of pros, and it's hip.
        Also, for a couple extra bucks, you should definitely consider things like rear camera, gps navigation, etc. check out this thread to get an idea of what people in your market (geeks like me) are looking for (and actually doing)
        Most of it is VERY practical/inexpensive.

        As far as the bluetooth keyboard is concerned....PERFECT! mac mini has (optional) built in bluetooth !
        I would definitely recommend supplementing it with a touchscreen lcd though, and there is an 8" touchscreen lilliput.
        post that beast for us!
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        Im thinking laptop...