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** Volvo C70 SC-805 Head Unit & AUX In **

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  • ** Volvo C70 SC-805 Head Unit & AUX In **

    Hi there,

    I have a 2005 Volvo C70 which has a standard Volvo SC-805 head unit - which has a controller input on the rear. I'd like to use my iRiver IHP-140 in the car. Does anyone know where I could get a converter to turn the changer control on my sc-805 into an AUX in ? Alternatively, are there any other methods to achieve the goal of using my iRiver in the car.

    Any help appreciated,


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    Don't hold your breath waiting for any help from Volvo! I've got a 2004 C70 and wanted to replace the stereo with my MP3 player. Despite the dealer saying it was fine, AFTER I paid for the car, it turns out that it is a major job to do this. Volvo said speak to the dealer. The dealer said sorry, we never put it in writting that you could.

    I'm in the process now of sourcing a secondhand headunit and GPS components (probably from a scrapyard unless anyone knows where I can get them) so that I can build a PC with MP3 player, GPS, DVD & wireless network to fit the non-standard stereo bays in a C70.

    The other thing I wasn't told by the dealer (Pillings in Hemel Hempstead if you need to know who to avoid) was that if I had the GT pack I wouldn't be able to have GPS! Strange that they only mention these things after they have your money isn't it?

    Personally, I would never have another Volvo even if it was free!!!


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      Ive done it - Screw Volvo - MOST is now LEAST in my car

      Its a lot easier than you think or they claim


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        Thanks for the info klokman. I've read your other thread but it doesn't mean too much to me (not very technical you see). The PC stuff is easy, it's the wiring it in to the rest of the car that will be a problem for me.

        I was going to get a mini-itx motherboard for mine. I know that this will fit inside the cradle for a standard SC901 headunit, so there should be no need to mount the pc anywhere else. I'll probably have to remove the dash speaker though as I want my screen to come out of this hole like the GPS screen does.

        Reception may be a problem for me too. Because my C70 is convertible I don't have a roof to mount GPS and FM aerials on. My new alarm system aerial is mounted inside the bonnet, so this might be an option.

        I'd be interested in looking at the photos of yours though klokman.


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          see this page


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            hey everyone,
            i have a 2006 volvo c70.
            i'm trying to set up a computer that would read and send messages on the CAN network. could someone help me with this?

            Thank you,