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Got a audigy or extigy? Creative owes you money.

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  • Got a audigy or extigy? Creative owes you money.

    I don't have one anymore, but I'm sure plenty of people here do:

    Apparently, this only applies to the Americas...
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    LOL, 25% off my next purchase at the above retail price listed on the Creative web site.

    Typical of most class actions, only the lawyers benefit substantially.
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      wow - I still use my Audigy Platinum at home. And I was ****ed at the lack of 24bit sound. As I am an amateur recording artist.
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        Did not see the Audigy NX on the list, so does it support 24 bit as advertised? A lot of people here own one (myself included).
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          i do too, and i wouldn't mind 25% off... just resell at full retail
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