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m10000 in a c134 case

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  • m10000 in a c134 case

    hey everyone...

    my memory finally came today.... im putting the system back together. i was wondering if a lot of you have found that the cables between the top of the memory and the optical drive.... are rather tight. meaning.. i had to actually push a bit on top of the housing to get the outer case to slide over. its not so tight its cutting into the wires... but in a mobile environment.... im concerned that the vibrations will cause the wires to become compromised.

    i just wanted to hear some opinions. i dont see any other way to route the HD cable.. or the front panel USB connector wires. they must route over the memory. the power wires.. and optical drive wires route around the memory.

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    you need to get low profile memory

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      He's got low profile memory or wouldn't be able to get the thing together at all would be my guess. Even with low profile memory its a very tight fit to get it all put together.

      I've got a C134 w/M10k but ended up not using it for the car and went with an Opus case and a MII 10k for the pcmcia/cf slots. You just have to be careful, especially to avoid a lot of pressure being applied to the underside of the slim CD drive. I was able to route the cables to the side of the case as opposed to up and over the memory can't remember if I used different cables than what came with the case though.


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        I've got an M10k in a C134, all shoehorned into a DIN-sized opening (yah, it sticks out a little bit, what of it? ) The cables inside were tight (512Mb of low-profile RAM + a slimline DVD/CDRW drive) but it all fits.

        What worries me are the GCS caps, but no problems yet.


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          I use regular RAM; not low profile; and managed to get the atx wires up and over w/o much problem. You just have to spread them out so that you only need a single wire's thickness. To make the regular RAM fit, I had to notch the top housing on the edges a bit.

          You're right about vibration. Over time, it may very well do some damage to the wires.
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