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  • ps2 slim help

    my friend was trying to install one of these in his car but couldnt get it to read any disks. he gave it to me and we tried it out on a few different inverters and still no luck. then we hooked it up to a regular home outlet and found out that it still doesnt read the disks. since he allready opened up for some reason i took it home to look at it. i figured maybe it had the same design as the first ps2 where that gear got out of wack and u had to adjust it. well it doesnt have that so no luck there. after playign around with it i found out it will read music cds, ps1 games, and ps2 games that are blue. it wont read any of the dvd rom ps2 games or any dvd movies. after looking around online it seems this is common and is a sign of a bad laser and the only fix would be to replace the laser. any other suggestions on things to try would be great, i still have it apart on my table, before i tell him to buy a new laser.
    2003 Steel Blue PT Cruiser GT Autostick, Mopar BOV, K&N FIPK, Dual Exhaust, Boost Gauge.
    ICE: 2 12" Infinity 1230W, JBL BP1200.1, Infinity 6000CS, JBL P80.4, Sirius Starmate.

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    The slim PS2 is a piece of junk. I work as an Activison rep for a marketing comapny caled Mosaic as one of myvendor jobs. All of the retail stores I visit (EB, Gamestop, Best Buy, CompUSA, Walmart, TRU) have compained that there is numerous problems with the PS2 and disc read errors. One store back in January had over 15 returns a DAY of these PS2's. They have allot of problems with the laser reading discs and they have various quarky errors.

    Suggestion - return it, or sell it, and get a used 50001 or 30001 R series PS2 (has progressive scan playback - other PS2's do not, though not a big deal in a car).



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      Yeah, much as I love my slim ps2, I'm on the 3rd one now, keep having to swap them out at walmart because the lasers die. I've modded them and done the proper steps to avoid it, but every month or so they crash. I finally gave up on the mod chip. The lasers can partially fail, which is what happened to yours. You'll need a new laser, or buy one at wally world and switch them.. I know it sounds bad but they really never know. I've got the swap disc kit coming now, much as I hate to swap, it works.

      Personally, buy one at toys r us where you can get a warranty and they will swap it out when it dies.