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Need good research articles for phone integration

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  • Need good research articles for phone integration

    Ok i Know there are a ton of ways to integrate cell phone into a computer. I already know how to do this. The problem occurs when you want to install just the screen, mic, menu, send, and end buttons into the steering wheel and the keypad and/or main board somewhere else. Along with having it mute the sound system when it rings and have the phone played over the car speakers. The idea may sound crazy and maybe impossible cuz i cant find any info on this type of thing anywhere. Or maybe i suck at searching for this kinda stuff. IF the latter is the case i appologize in advance.

    I already have the phone, serial cable and software for the integration. I just need some info on the rest. thanks in adcance for any help.

    And if youre wondering the idea came from the Ludacris track where he mentions a TV in the steering wheel. So i figure hell why not have a Cell phone in there.

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    For the buttons: you'd need some good soldering skills - just solder a wire to each side of the contacts and run them to a swtich on your steering wheel. How you mount them there is something you'll have to decide. Also - there's a certain pinout for the headphone jack of cell phones. Look for yours. usually they use a minin-headphone jack. 2.1mm I think? One of the wires is ground, other is speaker, other is mic. you can extend this wire, allowing the speaker to go to a microphone input, and use some software to mute teh res tof the audio channels. you can also look into a matching microphone - you'd need one with the same impedance as the origional - or you can just extend the original and remount it somwhere (steering wheel)?

    BTW: try to keep the extensions short - if you mount the stuff in your steering wheel - mount the phone somewhere in the dash - on the edge w/ the antenna coming up the corner of your windshield?

    Anyways- just my two pounds.


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      thanks alot for the help kyle. I was thinking it could be done just like that but i wasnt sure. The fabrication wont be hard. The mic idea is something worth checking into. The rest of the phone including antena would be right inside the dash. But the button pad i wanted to relocate in the center console. Do you think this is too far to run wirring? And from what your saying i could build or use any keypad i wanted and just solder to the contacts. Is this correct? IF this is so that is the best news ive got since i started my carpc project