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I've killed my Carputer

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  • I've killed my Carputer

    typical aint it, less than 48 hours before the UK meet and I go and kill my bios. I was upgrading my epia to the new version and upgrading the vga drivers in the hope of getting my flash skin to run alot smoother.. It did the bios upgrade fine so it seemed.. thats what I thought anyway. Its now dead. I'm working on removing the bios chip and using my xbox to reflash it. heres hoping :-)

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    I am so sorry to here that man... Is there anything I can help you with?


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      most times there is a way to reflash it on the current mobo .. like if you get a partial re-write ..

      do your fans spin?.. ect.. but just no VGA? .. a floppy disk is needed for this though.. google it and you might fins something.. I was able to fix mine (an older p3 system)

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        Get one of those bios saving devices!


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          I got one. Even a flash programmer. But 1200 kms far from you. our post offices are not that fast


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            yeah the keyboard seems to work, but thats about it, no vga or anything :-)
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              A bit off topic, but that tongue in your avatar is most disturbing.


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                Does it still try to boot from floppy?

                If so, you can create a bootable floppy with the right bios, boot with it and configure the autoexec.bat in such way it will start flashing without user input.

                Otherwise you can try if you can get picture using a PCI vga card.
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                  DJSmiley is right, there is usually a failsafe that will search for a floppy if there is a bios failure after a minute or some cases you dont need an autoexec.bat though.....

                  also, i did this years ago and didnt know abotut he floppy solution, if you cant get it can order a new bios chip from they are still around when I did it last it was $30 for a new bios chip with your bios already on it.
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                    huzzah its back working.. for some strange reason it would not boot after flashing, I then after alot of messing about changed the clear cmos jumper whilst the board was powered up, this killed the board and on reboot seems to be working fine :-)

                    Thanks lads for all your comments and ideas just will take me 2 hours now to stick it all back together and back in the car.


                    one happy CdR
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                      Ya I updated to the 1.16 bios yesterday, thought I killed mine too, but just cleard the CMOS and it worked great again. With that bios, when your setting the video stuff up (800x600), do not set the bios to "LCD" leave it at "CRT + LCD". It does not like the LCD setting.