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ipod vs zen/nomad

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  • ipod vs zen/nomad

    hey guys, i just recently decided that i would like to invest in a mass-storage mp3 device.

    soooo of course- ipods were the first to come to mind.

    then i saw the price.

    so i started searching. and i found creative. the zen, the nomad.

    now, i like iPod looks over creative, but creative are much cheaper- why? I'm willing to shell out the $$ for a 20gb iPod, ebay style.

    what are the ups and downs between the two companies mp3 players?

    i know the creative zen mini has an FM radio and a recorder built in, that's neat but i dont think id use it much. whos got better quality sound?

    i know iPod has a ton more accessories designed exclusively for apple, thats good- i like the car kit that plugs into the cig lighter; serves as a power source and fm transmitter- nice. (but $$!)

    iPod down side: non removeable/replaceable battery. what can we do if the li-ion battery craps out?? throw the iPod out?

    why isnt there a bluetooth iPod out!? id love for my iPod to communicate wirelessly with my car head unit, and home stereo. maybe in a couple years.

    thanks everyone.

    ps. id rather not get a 4-6gb player. it doenst make sense that i could pay $50 more and get 4x the storage.

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    The ipod has more limitations on file sharing. Read up about it, and you'll find it can be a pain. There are ways around it of course, but for less money you can get the creative products, which are basically an unrestricted external HD/ mp3 player and what not. I think you have to have the program "mytunes" installed on any pc you want to share with... LAME! (for ipod)
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      It is possible to replace the iPod battery if you're willing to take the iPod apart. Most car computer people wouldn't have any qualms about that.

      Of course, the iPod can store music but also functions as a firewire drive. I've only looked into it briefly, but I believe the music on the iPod is in a hidden directory and is relatively easy to get at. The DRM built into the iTunes music is a pain but if you've got mp3's, it's no different than having them on any box. The sound on my iPod is terrific, by the way.

      Doesn't play WMA. You'll need to use the iTunes software to load and manage the tunes. I like it and haven't heard too many complaints about it. Even so, I use my iTune managed library on my CarPC and with the exception of having to convert purchased music to mp3, all of the CD's I've ripped are playable with no adjustments at all.

      If price is the deciding factor, you won't get the iPod. On the other hand, the iPod has got such a high market share that accessories and such are almost always developed for the iPod first.

      The iPod is expensive for the same reason that certain types of watches, clothing, and cars are. Apple can't compete in the commodity markets and shoots for premium consumers and attempts to add value through great product design.

      It's going to be up to you if you think it's worth it or not, but there's a few of the ups and downs.
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