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Is it true XM Broke???

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  • Is it true XM Broke???

    This friend of mine in the radio industry was telling me that XM is in financial trouble, has anyone else heard that?
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    They will be for years, was is Sirius or XM who got Howard Stern at $5 million up front. I mean launching all those satellites cost more than $10 million im sure plus all the other **** u need to run it right. THey wont turn a profit for years at $30/mo
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      It's true that they have no money. But the thing is that there are enough people who believe in it and are heavily investing in it. GM contributes huge amounts. So you don't have to worry about them going out of business. There is enough big money behind it. Just look at the stock. It continues to trade at over $30.
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        I wouldn't be worried about XM as much as about Sirius, they have far fewer subscribers and need to invest more to reach XM level.
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          Xm Ruuullleesss!!
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            Oh yeah, what you might have heard is that they are not going to be profitable anytime soon.... and that's definitely true, even more so for Sirius. But hey, thanks to the tax code and investors, thats not going to stop them.
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