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    i thought about doing the whole custom fiberglass job, but i dont have the time, and id rather keep the car as oem as possible for resale value.


    possible solutions:

    snake mount

    window mount

    dvd/snake mount

    i emailed the guy about the dvd mount, hes says that the dvd base can be removed, and that theres a standard camera mount on the snake...but he replied with a simple "yes it does", i dont really trust ebayers who dont talk enough.

    the other two (snake mount, and window mount) are by they are very expensive, and should be good quality. i figure i can have the glass mount high on the windsheild, placing the screen along the roof.

    ive seen other snake mounts ( but they look real sloppy, with lots of legs, seem like more for heavy laptops than little 7" screens.

    im worried that the window mount will drop my screen someday, but i like how no one can see the screen when the car is parked unless they ducked down and looked up.

    i like how the snake mounts to the seat bolt/bracket, seems very secure. im worried that bending it all the time (i would bend it to hide it when i park in bad areas) would cause it to wear and break prematurely.

    what does everyone think? anyone know of any other snake mounts out there?

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    They're called goosenecks, although snake mount is certainly apporpriate.
    You wouldn't be the first to consider or use one.
    The quesiton was raised by someone else about whether or not the gooseneck would give way and tilt back when using a touchscreen. That could become a major pain in short order.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      While I had my carputer mounted temorarily in my wife's old car (3-4 months), I used a gooseneck from radioshack. It was pretty easily modified to attach to the back of my Lilli. I did have isuues with it moving away when using the touchscreen so I just bent it aroun so that it was backed up against the dash. Overall it worked pretty well ofr a temporary solution and would probably work well for you as long as you find a way to get something behind it.
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        I would make sure you are aware of your states laws regarding this sort of thing. This is very obviously non OEM to any police officer that might happen by, so make sure you have a good excuse ready if it is illegal.

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