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  • Longer IDE cables...

    I know most people are using ide>usb adapters for their cd/dvd drives, but I'm not. I'm trying to cut back on my usb devices as they seem to keep adding up! Anyways, I did a search on here and the web for longer IDE cables and I'm aware of the supposed length limitation and such. Since many say that they have no problem with longer IDE cables, I decided to stick with that route.

    My PC is under the driver seat and my dvd drive will be mounted into the 2nd din in my dash. Problem is, I need about 40ish inches and guess what, I can only seem to find 36"! lol. After searching here and google, I found a few sites selling longer IDE cables, but it was a tad costly... ranging from $18-$30 shipped. I decided to look into other alternatives like an IDE "extension" or "IDE gender changer" but really couldn't find anything in those fields. Then I searched for an IDE DIY kit. Eureka, found one! $4 for a 3 foot kit with three IDC connectors, $5 for a 4 foot kit with three IDC connectors! (less then 10 bucks shipped with USPS) I then realized that I might need a crimper. $19 bucks for a crimper! damnit! I googled more, even ebayed but couldn't find anything reasonable. I asked some hardware gurus and one told me that you don't need a crimper, you can gently use pliers. Let's hope it works hehe.

    If you are wondering where I ordered the kit from, here's the link: If your interested to know if it works, post here and I'll tell ya when it arrives lol.
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    If you want the best chance of this working then you must use 80 conductor with only 2 connectors (one on each end)

    I have a 6' IDE that works flawlessly. I did have a little bit of intermitant trouble with it in the beggining but i found the problem. Make sure you keep all power lines from the Power Supply as far away as possible.

    When I routed the IDE cable i used Zipties and Ziptie anchors to keep it from moving around and i folded it in half to make it a little smaller and easier to route.
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