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  • quality s-video

    i connected my mini-itx card to the tv this weekend but i have better quality when i use composit than when i use s-video!!

    Have anyone else had this problem?
    How to solve the problem?

    An other thing that i noticed is that i cant play movies in MCE but i can play them in mediaplayer, isnt that kind of strange??!!

    I thing that my its is a little to small to play dixx movies to, when i turn to full screen the movie isnt so "smooth" any more.

    I hava a Mini-itx m1000 1GHz card, and running MCE 2005.

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    well given the fact that XP MCE 2005 has a 1.6Ghz P4 as its lowest CPU hardware requirement and EPIA boards are overrated, so your 1Ghz CPU is really running closer to 800Mhz in Pentium time, im surprised your computer boots at all, let alone plays a divx.

    Switch to XP pro with a nice frontend and everything will work better.
    Cheap Laptop, great for Carputer!