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black screen of death

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  • black screen of death

    Hi everyone..
    I'm probably posting this in the wrong section...If so..I'm sorry!
    When I start my system...My motherboard logo appears, and then the Windows Professional boot screen. After that, the screen just stays black. No blue screen of death, no error message...nothing. I can start up in safe mode though through f8, but I do no tknow how to resolve my problem to allow me to boot up normally. Can anyone please help??!!
    Via epia M10000
    12.1" VGA touchscreen
    XP Pro
    OPus 150W
    120 GIG Maxtor
    512 DDR
    Geforce 5500 Videocard
    Audigy NX USB sound card
    Wireless Keyboard & mouse
    Panasonic slim line -slot load
    w/ usb adapter

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    Have you tried bringing it inside? Power issues are a major cause of those symptoms.
    AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
    Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

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      Check bios settings for video output. They'ver probably gotten scrambled to TV. You may have to hook it up to either the S-Video or RCA output to see the screen.
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        If it isnt the power issue, you can go into the windows recovery console and repair the boot record. requires a windows disk though
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          Originally posted by joshthepilot
          I'm getting the opposite problem, the White Screen of Life....

          Any ideas?
          You must be using linux?
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          Im thinking laptop...


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            i was gonna say "or mac."
            aint ilife beautiful.
            Carputer status: [-*---------]
            Im thinking laptop...