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Mercedes 2005 C230 Kompressor CAN bus Questions

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  • Mercedes 2005 C230 Kompressor CAN bus Questions

    I am very close to purchasing a C230 and naturally I am already planning the installion of my carputer. I've had one in my Civic now for a year and a half and absolutely love it. I've been searching the forums for a couple weeks trying to find other people who have installed a carputer in a newer Mercedes but only one or two seem to have done this. I have also found no mention of people interfacing with the CAN bus on a late model Mercedes. What I am really interested in is making use of the steering wheel controls to communicate with the carputer. I would also like to grab OBDII information as well. Does anyone have more information on how to interface with a Mercedes this way? I've done a lot of searches on Google and am turning up very little that helps.


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    CAN / steering controls

    Hi. It's actually pretty easy these days. There are so many products available now to interface with CAN. For the steering wheel controls, those are on the low-speed CAN bus, which is a two-wire CAN bus (technically I believe it's the CAN 2.0B standard) that runs at 125 kbps.

    By watching the messages on the bus, you can easily see which ones are the steering wheel control messages by watching the bits flip in the message. Most decent tools should allow you to easily see this.

    I've had good experience with Kvaser products:, but their prices limit these to perhaps very hardcore carputer people doing some serious stuff.

    B&B Electronics has always been good to me. I have not tried this particular part, but at least it's more reasonable and you will always get good support out of them and they will back up their products. That and it looks nice and SIMPLE, which is always good:

    Here are some other products, even less expensive, and if you prefer USB:

    Good luck.


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