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my new proposed car system

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  • my new proposed car system

    138 Western digital 250gb 7200rpm ide
    10 iogear 4 port usb2.0 hub
    95 kingston 184 pin 512mb ddrpc2100
    77 asus a7n8x motherboard for amd socket a
    23 zonet bluetooth usb dongle
    40 netgear 54mbps wireless pci
    80 amd mobile athlon xp 2400+ 266fsb 512k cache 45watt
    59 chaintech nvidia geforce fx5500 video card, 128 mb ddr dvi/tv out, 8x agp
    76 sapphire theatrix theatre 550pro pci tv tuner
    115 pana slot load dvd/cd-rw with case
    96 obdII interface and software
    120 iguidance software and royaltek gps receiver(ebay)
    190 opus 150

    any comments? thanks!!

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    I'm not sure, so someone else correct me if needed, but I don't think the Opus will power all that. But if it will, you also need a hard drive cooler (then aluminum one from antec is great) for that monster drive. Trust me on that.
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      the a7n8x needs a bit more juice than an opus can offer... at least according to its manual... (I think it recomments 300w) but you may be lucky of you power just the mobo and hdd off the opus.

      the a7n8x is a beefed up board with power sucking features that you probably dont need in a carPC... I would suggest a microATX form factor...

      but hey, its your opus, you can fry if you want to...
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