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No video signal unless I hit reset switch - why????

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  • No video signal unless I hit reset switch - why????

    Hey guys - need some help on this. Nearly everytime my computer comes on after hibernate, the video doesn't post. The computer starts up, but I have to press the reset button for the video to post.

    Anyone have any ideas about this? I'm assuming it has something to do with my BIOS settings. Thanks!

    (I'm running an Epox 8k5a2+, athlong xp processor, ati radeon 8500 video card all from a 375w PSU and 400w inverter)


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    cant say im that experienced with that motherboard.

    however. first things i would normally try with problems like this would be, Bios Update. And then Graphics Card Driver update.


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      Thanks for the tips. It definitely has something to do with the BIOS and I have the latest version of my BIOS.

      Any other suggestions?


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        Check the graphics drivers - sounds like a driver problem not bringing the video back out of standby or not setting the graphics correctly on hibernate.

        Sounds like you need a newer or possibly older version of the drivers.


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          Do you have a speaker connected to the pc speaker pins on the board? If so, are there any beeps? If not, try it and report back. Note: pc speaker is not the same as what you use for outputting mp3. It's the tiny physical speaker that connects to your motherboard.
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