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    Ok so i'm planning on making a very advanced system in my car, where almost everything except vitals are going to be controlled by the carputer. What i want to do is have the air-conditioning controlled by the computer automatically depending on outside temp. and inside temp. or whenever i want to change the temp. inside my car manually to get rid of the A/C control that clutters up the dash and give it a proper use like bigger screen space or something. i've seen someone talking about phidgets being able to do a wide range of things but nothing like this. I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this in their car and if they have if they could give me some tips on how to do it or what kind of an interface to mess with mechanical switches for A/C controls.
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    I haven't looked into it that much, but I'm fairly confident if you you shall find. The biggest factor in doing in this is likely to be what type of car you have, or more particularly what mechanism the heater and vent controls use.

    A/C is easy - it's just a switch. Fan control is generally straight forward. Heat and vent control can be a bit trickier - if you're lucky they may be striaght forward electronic controls, or it may require a pushrod needing substantial force, or even trickier, like my Jeep, vacuum controls.


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      if you already have electronic interface for your A/C then do some searching and i beleive you can find an answer. Some guy on here (detroit motor sport...i beleive) has no ecm anymore. All fuel injection and shift points are controled by his PC. I know in my truck doing something like you want to wont work. All my **** is pull rod style. I could take the entire dash apart and my a late model Tacoma HVAC control that is electrical and hook it up but that cost a **** ton by itself. So youre probably gonna have to do wat FROOP said and do some research on your actually vehicle to see how its controled first.


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        keep me posted on this
        sounds like something good
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