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Dual Monitor Support. Specific Qs

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  • Dual Monitor Support. Specific Qs

    I really would love a monitor dedicated solely to iGuidance. The big question is whether that can be done. I have noticed that when I'm watching a movie on my EPIA with onboard video, the processor heats up (I'm using motherboard monitor). My first thought is that getting a PCI video card would make life easier (and faster) for my M10000 mobo chip. Is that true? If I get a PCI video card and a USB sound card, isn't that two less things that the processor needs to worry about, for the most part?

    Second is power draw. I run an OPUS 150W, and I want a PCI monitor with dual-VGA out. Can the Opus handle that? Can the PCI on the Epia handle that? Has anyone done it?

    If I end up getting a second monitor that is a touch-screen, I know some people have spoken about getting the touchscreen to work on both monitors at the same time... Can anyone confirm this? I remember seeing a thread where some people said they worked fine right away with the normal touchscreen drivers (I have a lilli now, should I get another lilli to ensure compatibility?)

    I found one dual-VGA PCI monitor on eBay, but it's only 64mgs. Think that's enough? I really just want to take the choppiness out of my visualizations and get the second monitor running. I wont be playing DOOM3 in the car, so I'm sure the latest super video cards would be overkill. What do you guys think of this card?

    And for only $50, it seems like a good deal! I cant afford the second monitor right now, but if it will be future upgradeability and current upgrade for the visualizations, I think $50 is cheap!
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