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Desperate for a ribbon extension cable

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  • Desperate for a ribbon extension cable

    Extremely desperate for an extension to the 13 pin connector that goes to the button panel of the lilliput.

    I have already destroyed the original thinking I could solder to the tiny tiny wires.

    I have already bondoed the buttons 6' away and therefore I have no choice but to find a new cable.

    I have tried to contact DigitalWW but have not had success.

    Please help me out!

    PS: If you want to sell me one, just name the price.
    Volvo 850 GLT

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    I haven't seen what this ribbon cable looks like but I have had good luck with specialized electronics supply shops being able to find replacements... I had one go bad in a head rest monitor and by taking the original to them, they were able to find the right cable and there were several lengths available. Basically, they need to know the dimensions of the cable, how many traces, and whatnot... and they should be able to help. I'm not sure where your at, but if you look in the ol' phonebook, you might be so lucky as to find such a place... heck, when I had to replace mine, I was in smaller town and was still able to find a supplier... give that a shot. BTW, any chance you can show a picture of the ribbon cable in question? Good luck!
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      I'll get on the picture right now. Any names of stores that I should look for? Went to radio shak and they admitted that they know nothing. Ill post some pics in 5 min.
      Volvo 850 GLT


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        Here are the pictures. I tried to get them clearer but with my camera it is nearly impossible.[IMG]
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        Volvo 850 GLT


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          Damn that's blurry, just look like a standard cable though, you should be able to find one locally or online.
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            is that the 8 inch lilliput?
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              It's 7 inch widescreen. Sorry about the pictures. PLEASE give me information about where to look online or where to look locally. I have tried big sites like digikey, but they do no offer it.
              Volvo 850 GLT