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dell/gateway/emachine Vs. home made

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  • dell/gateway/emachine Vs. home made

    i did a search for pre built and dell and didnt really find what i was looking for. basicly I have plenty of space to thats not an issue for my carpc. what i want to know is there any reason an off the shelf computer from places like dell or gateway wouldnt work? i see alot of ppl on here are all about building there own systems. im looking to play movies, nav, mp3, wireless, and run some engine managment software. I was thinking a p4 with 512mb, 2ghz and a 40-60gig hd would be PLENTY. you can pick these up for like $300. am i missing something? also if picked up say a dell optiplex would i be able to swap out powersupplies to a opus? thanks for your help sorry if its a repost- TOT

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    Sure you could do that, some people just like to have something custom or hidden. Like me, sure I could just go and buy something off the shelf. But i'm not like that, I dont feel right unless I built it to some level.

    there really is'nt any set rules that say you cant use this or use that, it pretty much comes down to if it will work together or if you want it that way.

    the opus 150 should power what you have in mind, but I would do a search for "power calculator" to make sure you're not going to blow the supply

    Last optiplex I saw had a special power supply, would really be a matter of just trying it.
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      well the reason i was asking was because i didnt know if some of the components from an off the shelf system were rugged enough for a car enviroment? do i need to change out things to make it stronger/more rugged? i read on here that 2.5" hdd are better than the 3.5" hd what kind of abuse are they capable of? the car its goin into is a camaro, which has been highly modified itll snap your head back and it is wicked stiff so itll be taking alot of bumps and jolts from just regular driving.


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        An ATX P4 will probably need more than the opus 150 to run it. You could swap it for a celeron. You wouldn't see any performance difference.

        With regards to HD. Most people have run 3.5 for a long time without any breakages.


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          thanks thats good to know.