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Got just about everything; but XM, and Motherboard, PLEASE give me some input!!

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  • Got just about everything; but XM, and Motherboard, PLEASE give me some input!!

    Thanks for reading my post. I am new here, but I am halfway done making this auto PC work. I will be posting a full write-up when I am done. I'm looking for some advice

    This is a touch long but covers everything I still need to do:

    CF booting of WinXP-E:

    After pounding the button I have a few questions on booting WinXP -E from a CF card.

    I have found many CF to IDE adaptors (I bought a dual CF to single IDE adaptor for $40 that I have been able to boot WinXP-E from with desktop hardware), but that wouldn't limit the data trasnfer rate from the CF card to that of the IDE bus, (PEAK 133/150MB ps)? If I understand it CF40 cards are capable of transferring data at 400MB ps, which is thier main appeal. Boot, and recover from standby mode would be near instant.

    Any advise from the experenced?

    Motherboard choice:

    I have read about the VIA motherboards, and went to look at one at Fry's today; but there was no intergrated CF slot. So is my only option to run CF over IDE? Is there any CF to SATA adapters out there? Since CF to IDE will work with any motherboard, any reason to use the VIA? Shuttle motherboards seam to offer a better selection of hardware?

    XM Radio:
    I can not find a lot of information about hooking up XM, any got a good guide for this?

    Which software interface?
    Which GPS NAV software?

    My Parts so far:

    7" motorized flip-out VGA touchscreen
    2x 1GB CF40 cards
    Dual CF to single IDE adaptor
    FM/TV tuner PCI card
    USB GPS reciever
    MS Mappoint

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    For my XM, I bought an XM PCR off Ebay for $85. The stock antenna is not made for the car environment and is very bulky, so I bought a Mini-Micro antenna that's compatible with the PCR for $29.

    As for my GPS, I currently have CoPilot live. It's alright, but does not interface well with front end software. If I could do it over again, I would have bought the Destinator GPS software that you can intergrate into front ends like MediaEngine and customize with software like MapMonkey.

    For your front end, you really just need to try out various front end software to see which one's you like.


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      Here is the best info on XM in the car
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