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stupid usb slimline DVD drive

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  • stupid usb slimline DVD drive


    MII board... had the dvd drive plugged directly into a USB port, and i have a 5v line going to the back of the slimline to USB adaptor (centrix)... i had to guess at the size of the barrel plug so i dunno if it's making the correct contact.... but DVD's play perfectly on a 3' usb extension.

    then i bought a usb terminals that plug directly into the USB3 and 4 jumpers off the mobo (so i have a total of 4 hubs now), changed a few of the USB connections (cuz i also added a 4 port USB hub)... moved the DVD connection to the new usb terminal. And now... the DVD drive operated correctly once.

    Windows recognizes... but just doesn't read and DVD or CD...

    any ideas?

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    sounds like the drive isnt getting enough power, how is it plugged into power, and how long is the cable, i dont follow what the hell you are on about
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      check the drive adapter and also that the cables are connect in the right order e.g:
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        sounds like the same issue I have, does the drive disappear from my computer oce a disk is inserted? What brand of drive and Slimline adapter and USB adapter are you using? I have tried moving it to a different power connector and that resolved the issue once in the house but after experiencing the same thing in my car a different power connector didnt help. I have also tried the same setup on my home computer and it just sits there in spin up mode with the light blinking every few seconds.


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          my bad.... okay lemme try and explain it again...

          i'm using a panasonic slot-load slim line cdrw/dvd with a centrix slim line to USB adaptor.

          right now... i've got a 5v (red) and ground (blk) extended to the dvd drive. On the end of these extended wires is a barrel plug that plugs into the back of the centrix adaptor for power. (possible cause #1 could be this because no where in the adaptor or instructions does it mention what size barrel plug needs to be used... i just guessed it and put the plug in and it stays in). Another reason why i suspect this is because the LED indicator on the DVD drive doesn't light up at all.

          for the actual USB... i'm using a 3' extension that originally was plugged into a built in USB port on the mobo. It worked fine like this for the time I had it connected here. Recognized it all the time and played CD's and everything.

          Then i bought some USB connectors to make use of the USB3/4 ports on my mobo (possible cause #2 i might not have plugged the 5v, data, data, ground correctly in the mobo). When plugged into any of these.... it recognizeds it only when i disconnect and reconnect... and it won't play ANYTHING

          Now... i tried plugging the DVD back into a built-in port (where i originally plugged it) and it works fine again.