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USB port power dies?!

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  • USB port power dies?!

    I have searched around and am not sure that I found a definitive answer that applies to me situation. I'm looking to see if anyone thinks I am on the right track or not.

    Here is my setup that is giving me problems:
    2 USB ports off of the mobo. One port is running my GPS puck all by itself. I never have a problem with it at all - always boots itself great, whether from hibernation or a cold/warm boot. The other one is where I am having some trouble. If I connect a USB mouse to it (and nothing else), I don't have a problem. Same performance as the GPS puck.

    However......if I connect a USB hub to the mobo port (cord length approx. 1 foot) and then connect a USB mouse (port 1) and a USB keyboard (port 2), after about 15 minutes, they all go dead. Another similar scenario...if I hook up an extension from the mobo USB port (length approx. 6 feet) and connect just the USB mouse to it, ditto. Dead after 15 minutes or so. The "die-time" is shorter if I connect the extension to the mobo port, then the hub, then the devices.

    I have installed the latest VIA USB drivers on XP SP1. Also, made sure that the root hubs have "let windows shut this down...yada yada" unchecked. According to windows, the mouse pulls 100 mamps and the keyboard pulls 100 mamps as well. I was running these off the hub and extension cord I have up until a few days ago - no problem. Now, no way. The only change I made was I switched out a PCI network card - not thinking that has anything to do with it, just a coincidence,

    MY question is: does anyone think that a powered usb hub on the end of my extension would solve this problem? I think it will but was looking for reassurance before more equipment. I didn't think a small mouse and keyboard would cause the port to shut down.

    7" Innovatek 7002S - 900Mhz Abit KT7A mobo - 120Gb boot drive - 180Gb secondary drive - Mini-ITYPE2 keyboard - USB wireless mouse - Deluo 201 GPS - Vector 750W inverter

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    In Windows, right-click "My Computer", click the hardware tab, click "Device Manager" and expand the "USB Serial Bus" - right click the "USB 2.0 Root Hub", click on the power management tab and make sure the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is UN-checked.

    I Hope this works! Good luck!