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New mp3car -- critiques / suggestions

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  • New mp3car -- critiques / suggestions

    Ok-- yes newbie-- about to order all my parts and just want any critiques or better ideas from anyone willing: If you see anything that won't fit/not compatible/I'm just stupid and should do something diff- plz let me know!

    Prospective system:

    Samsung 60gig 2.5 hd (If I put DVD elsewhere in the car- will I have room then for a reg size hd?)
    M1000 mobo
    512 MB PC2100 DDR Reg ECC Low Profile Registered Apacer
    Xenarc 700TSV 7
    Cubid 3688 Case
    Opus 90 (I saw a couple threads saying minor case mods to get to fit?)
    Slim DVD / CDRW combo slot drive (mounting elsewhere in car)
    SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS (hopefully fits in pci slot in the 3688?)

    Comments suggestions please! Thanks in advance...
    Jeeputer in progress....

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    k I'm retarted- I know the audigy won't fit inside..
    Jeeputer in progress....