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Wires and plugs going from screen to laptop ??

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  • Wires and plugs going from screen to laptop ??

    I came across a cheap 10.4" laptop computer, P3 550mhz, 256 ram, 10gig hard drive, with USB, it's everything I need, and it works. I was wondering how the screens are connected to the laptops boards ?? Is it wires or ribbon cables ?? I'f like to extend the wires about 3 feet long, put the laptop in my glovebox, and mold the screen into my dash..... Anyone help me out ?? I really am not sure exactly what to search for, sorry for being a stupid newb
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    usualy theres 2 sets of wires - one is the ribbon for the display itself and then the other set is for the backlight powersupply thingie thats how it was in my compaq laptop untill i socked the screen off the computer itself and then banged it with a hammer :-P