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Put laptop drive in dash?

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  • Put laptop drive in dash?

    I am gonna be using my older toshiba laptop as my car computer, i got the xenarc screen, got a d-link usb tuner all that, now this is my plan.

    I am gonna leave the laptop in the trunk of my car from where I will hook up the d-link to the radio antenna, hook up all my power and everything for the laptop in the back. Now I am thinking, I have an overhead console in my car that I never use and I was thinking of taking out the laptop dvd drive from my laptop and custom fabbing it in the overhead console in the front, my only concern is, can I run a cable that long from the laptop to the front of my car? I know the laptop optical drives use a 50-pin ATAPI IDE Interface Connector, if I build myself a wire, do you think it would be possible that it would still work?

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    you should use an USB or firewire enclosure for the slim drive.


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      my computer only has usb 1.0 and no firewire, if i have i can get a pcmcia firewire card i guess, or usb 2 card but my laptop won't start unless the dvd drive is in the computer, so means i would have to get another drive or something which I don't really want to do