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    Hello all, I just installed my carputer and I have had it in for a few days and I will be posting in the 'Show off your Project' soon. But I have been having problems with standby. Here is the thing, I have an M1-ATX Power supply with a Via Epia M10000 mobo, I have the jumper settings on the PSU set on A and B which means 5sec/never (offdelay/hardoff), when I turn off my car (ignition) the computer goes into standby just fine. BUT when I go start my car (ignition on) the system reboots and starts up windows, it DOES NOT come out of standby mode instead it just boots up as if I had it turned off. I have done alot of searching but nothing real clear on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    you computer is either A) not surviving crank and thus the computer is restarting, or B) the comuter is hibernating and it will look like a reboot but is faster.


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      Have you checked your battery voltage lately?
      Carputer status: [-*---------]
      Im thinking laptop...


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        Well it goes through the entire boot process with the setup screen windows logo and everything. So I know its not hibernating, because it will do this within a matter of seconds after turning car off then turning it on again. But something have noticed is that when my car sits for a few hours. It will come out of hibernation when i start it up and it seems to be working the way i want it to, But if i just need to go into a store or something for a few minutes it will reboot when i start.


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          It works with hibernation. I set the power button to hibernate when pressed and now it worx like a charm. I would have rather it go into standby, but that also might drain it to 11v pretty quickly.