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  • dvd drive options

    i had my mind made up on getting a slimline slot-load DVD drive then use an ide to usb adapter, but then i was reading the FAQ on this website and it said dont get a USB drive, but didnt mention why. It suggested to get an ide drive and using cat5 cables to extend it to the trunk from the front.

    I didnt think you could run ide for that long of a distance? Also, is only a 5v and a ground wire needed from the opus to power the drive itself.


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    I got the slim slot from panasonic(very popular here) and use a ide to usb adapter without problems....but now I'm switching to the enclosure that mp3car store is selling,Im doing this for two reasons:
    I'm tired to work with epoxy and glue (I was making the box myself)
    The enclosure is firewire

    Here is the link :

    what you said about the CAT5 had been done in the past the forum.
    and yes the slim drive use the 5V and ground.
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      Haven't read the FAQ, but I'm guessing what it means is don't buy any dedicated (expensive) pre-configured drives with USB as the only output.

      As thanatos said, get an IDE drive, and use a converter to turn it into USB.
      Or you could always fab up your own IDE cable. Search, lots of info on that.
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        ok thanks that clears it up for me, i think ill just opt for the slim/slot drive from mp3car.