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CyberNet pc What do you think?

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  • CyberNet pc What do you think?

    I have one of those at home it is a P-3 Model do you think it might be a good candidate for car pc

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    Do you like yours?

    I am an I.S. Specialist and have worked with these PCs for the past year at a hospital. They are used mostly by the nursing staff because desk space is limited. I am having nothing but problems with them! Maybe the product or could very well be the nurse's fault. I had to send in an RMA and it took them just over a month to get it back to me! Have you had any problems with yours?
    When talking to my Dad, he asked, "Why would you want to put a computer in your car?" After thinking for a second, I responded, "It is kind of like looking at big boobs, it is just fun to do!"
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      I am SysAdmin at Navy training base our computer training rooms are equipped with those . I had no Problem with them question is can I use OPUS PSU with them,,, I opened it up and it has non ITX power connector ? I'll take some pictures and post them here