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Aux-in Analog audio... will it output from the SPDIF on mainboard?

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  • Aux-in Analog audio... will it output from the SPDIF on mainboard?

    OK, this may be a stupid question, but if I were to run analog audio into the aux in of my mainboard or soundcard... would it output from the Digital Audio (SPDIF) output of my mainboard? Or would it only output analog? Basically, I am considering (at least for now) installing an Alpine CDA-7995 I have laying around into my system just for the AM/FM... at least until there is a GOOD solution of GOOD quality AM/FM reception available for our computers. I however don't want to run any addition cables through the vehicle that I don't need... I have an Alpine PXA-H701 and RUX-C701 for my sound processing... I will be running the digital coax out of my mainboard, through a SPDIF->Toslink convertor and then run a single Optical Digital cable to the rear of the vehicle. If the mainboard can accept analog audio (from the CDA-7995 RCA output) in and then output Digital Audio from the SPDIF (Digital Coax), this would be the easier way to run... at least IMO. The other option is to run a set of RCA's back to the processor brain. I know car audio like the back of my hand, but not really sure of what will and won't work with the mainboard. Anyone have a solid answer?

    Thanks in advance.
    Coach... aka Randy! (I often forget who I really am!) ;)

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