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Whats causing my pc to shutdown?

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  • Whats causing my pc to shutdown?

    Recently, I have been riding in my car, pc on for around an hour, and then it just shuts off. I have a button in my car that turns the pc on and off. The red glow around the button means the mobo is on because I have it hooked up straight to the mobo.

    But when i push the button on and off, nothing happens. Go back to check the pc, everything is off, no fan runnning or anything. And I need to unplug and replug the harness that goes into my opus 150 to get the computer to reboot.

    Any ideas?
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    could be overheating.
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      how can i measure the temp? is there something i can buy? cause if you look at my pics, my pc has no top, it has plenty of air and the there is no direct sunlight hitting it.

      WOuld the big 3.5 200gig HD possibly be my overheating culprit? Cause when I do touch it, it is pretty hot.
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        well try to enter your BIOS setup (probably by pressing [DEL] key during P.O.S.T) and fool around the items. Could be there are temperature related sensor values clearly displayed on some screen.
        But more then overheating I would say your problem is related to power. Or it is insufficient power (does it shuts off mostly under heavy load?) or more likely there is a connection on the loose which for example grounds your PSU.
        BTW does the issue occure when your system is out of your car powered by desktop PSU?


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          Does it just shut off, or does it softly power down? If it softly powers down, then I would guess it's a insufficient power issue. If it's just shuts off, then I bet it's a bad connection somewhere, or since your computer has no top, you definitely need to make sure there is nothing floating around on that motherboard (that was the cause of my CarPC shutting off, a small piece of solder). To check if it's a bad connection, park your car and leave the computer running to see if it restarts.


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            could it be that the opus is cutting off the power because the voltage coming from the battery is low?

            There is a cutoff built in to the Opus afaik to stop the battery from being drained too low.

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              Well I installed the MBM5 temp sensor. My cpu jumps between 96f and 115f. It says my case us 76f, but i have no top, so what temp is in measuring?

              As far as shutdown goes, its just a pure shutdown, I dont get the "windows is shutting down" screen. Buts its differnt, sometimes the computer will totally shutoff, monitor goes black, i go back there and the mobo appears to be totally shut down.

              Other times, it will just freeze and the screen will be "frozen". Alt-ctrl-delete, dont work. Pushing the power button does work.

              Both instances I need to go back and unplug and replug in the power feeding the opus to get the computer to start again. or I could just unplug the big harness from the mobo too, but the opus way is easier.

              Im looking for another fan to put on there, but I dont know what size I would need. Does anyone have any ideas?

              As far as power goes, I dont think thats the problem. No, I havent hooked it up to another power source, and frankly I dont think that would work to well, cause this happens rarely. Like sometimes it will go 2 weeks without doing it. Other times it will do it 3 times a day. so weird
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